Tsurumi Europe reveals new dewatering portfolio at IFAT

Experts from Tsurumi Europe will be demonstrating the company’s new and improved dewatering pumps at Stand B1.444 at IFAT 2022 which takes place from 30 May–3 June in Munich, Germany.
At IFAT 2022, pump manufacturer Tsurumi will be showcasing a number of new pumps for water related environmental tasks as well as for wastewater treatment.
On present from Tsurumi will be its new LSC2.75S residue dewatering pump, which is 36% more powerful than the previous model, the LSC1.4S. Now with 750 watts of motor output, the shallow suction pump, which is only 37 cm excessive, moves water at 228 l/min or up to a height of 15 m. From stage ground (buildings, containers, etc.) the pump extracts water all the method down to a residual height of 1 mm.
In addition, Tsurumi shall be showcasing the HS3.75SL, a model new multipurpose pump for heavy dewatering tasks. Its spiral watercourse is understood from the company’s “ultra-hard” concrete pumps: even chunky lumps may be channelled through without instantly grinding down the inner components. With solely 750 watts of motor output, it achieves 580 l/min or eleven m delivery head.
ราคาเกจวัดแรงดันน้ำ from Tsurumi has been designed with attention to element. It helps eradicating water that contains lots of sand or mud. Its throughput has been doubled in contrast with its predecessor to 9,000 l/min. An agitator mixes the pumping medium to make it extra flowable. Even very massive elements with a grain diameter of 30 mm can’t do any harm and the maximum pumping peak is 24 m

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