Temples tricked by ladyboy’s lies

Confidential : The life of a Thai ladyboy is stuffed with challenges that the majority members of Thai society may hardly fathom – let alone cope with. On the bureaucratic entrance, this might be seen from the present debate raging on whether to let those that have undergone “sex reassignment surgery” use the title “Miss” on their ID cards.
Before it even reaches this stage, however, the first bridge that needs to be crossed is raising sufficient money for the surgery – not a small amount contemplating the work involves penectomy and development of a vagina where none existed before, to not point out a bunch of beauty procedures to complete the look.
Earlier this month Aussie ladyboy Stefanie Imbruglia, a first cousin of pop star Natalie Imbruglia, told Sydney’s The Sun-Herald newspaper that she was flying out to Phuket – recognized as a world chief in “sex reassignment surgery” – to take the final step into femininity at a value of over 534,760 baht.
Easy sufficient for Stefanie, an architect in Sydney, but what concerning the typical Thai ladyboy?
With employment options often restricted for those of the third intercourse, one ladyboy in Bangkok just lately turned to crime to boost the funds needed for the surgical procedure.
Unlike the rogue ladyboys who prey on foreign tourist via drink-drugging, pickpocketing and other means, this ladyboy targeted temples in and around metropolitan Bangkok.
Her actions had been dropped at mild when officers at Sam Rong Tai Police Station in Samut Prakan have been tipped off that Sirisak “Tom” Ngamphanit, 22, was a drug user who had obtained by deception a large amount of non secular artifacts from local temples.
Police arrested Sirisak in Sam Rong Tai and took her to the station for drug testing. Sirisak’s urine tested constructive for the presence of unlawful drugs, police reported.
Officers then set off to look Sirisak’s room in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang space. There they found brass gongs, meditation rugs for monks and many other articles from varied temples – all nonetheless inscribed with the temples’ names.
Under questioning, Sirisak admitted that the paraphernalia had come from more than 20 temples, most of which she couldn’t bear in mind the names.
Sirisak told monks at these temples that she wished to carry a spiritual ceremony in her house and asked to borrow the mandatory equipment from the temple. To demonstrate her good faith, she gave the holy males a false name, tackle and phone quantity. She then sold the items in secondhand retailers in Bangkok’s Prawet space and spent the proceeds on medicine – in addition to saving up for her intercourse change operation..

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