MFP seeks reconsideration of Pita’s prime ministerial candidacy

The Move Forward Party (MFP) is determined to push for a reconsideration of Pita Limjaroenrat’s renomination as a main ministerial candidate, urging the National Assembly to handle the matter internally with out involving the Constitution Court.
The scheduled Parliament assembly for prime minister (PM) choice, initially set for July 27, took an unexpected turn when Parliament President Wan Muhamad Nor Matha, also called Wan Nor, abruptly cancelled it. This decision came in response to a grievance filed with the Constitution Court by the Ombudsman concerning the rejection of Pita’s candidacy.
The basis for Parliament’s rejection of Pita was Article Number 41 of the Regulations of the Parliamentary Assembly (2020). This article states that a previously rejected movement, similar to Pita’s initial nomination, can’t be reintroduced. The Ombudsman’s intervention followed suit.
In response to those developments, the MFP-aligned get together, Pheu Thai Party, also announced the cancellation of the eight aligned events. They cited the shortage of significant progress on duties assigned to them by the coalition.
However, undeterred by the cancellations, the MFP proceeded with an internal meeting to strategise their subsequent steps after Pita’s rejection in the course of the previous assembly on July 19.
The MFP firmly opposes the idea of involving the Constitution Court, believing that the matter may be resolved throughout the Parliament itself. MFP Permanent Secretary Chaitawat Tulathon revealed the party’s plan to submit a motion during the upcoming Parliament meeting. This motion will request members to reconsider Pita’s rejection and suggest him as quickly as again because the prime ministerial candidate.
Expressing Ultimate , MFP MP Rungsiman Rome disagreed with the cancellation of the Parliamentary assembly scheduled for the following day.
Rungsiman argued that the agenda contained two important topics: the PM choice and the revision of Section 272 of the structure, geared toward lowering the ability of the senators..

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