Meat madness: Thai meals blogger conquers Burger King’s 100-patty problem

A Thai meals blogger took up Burger King Thailand‘s challenge to style the newly launched Real Meat Burger with a staggering one hundred meat patties, priced at a jaw-dropping 10,039 baht.
The fast-food franchise is delighting foodies with an array of unexpected burger selections, starting from the Real Cheeseburger, generously loaded with 20 slices of American cheese, to the towering Real Meat Burger, which starts with three succulent meat patties and can be scaled up all the best way to an astonishing a hundred patties.
In response to fervent requests from Burger King followers, the Real Meat Burger made its debut on July 18. As talked about in a post on the shop’s official Facebook page, the Real Meat Burger comes with three meat patties nestled between buns, priced at 339 baht. Pork can additionally be out there instead option for patrons.
Not stopping at that, the shop tantalizingly suggested that meat fanatics can pile on even more patties on their bun, at a further one hundred baht for each additional patty. The web page admin thoughtfully included a price list for followers: a burger with 4 meat patties costs 439 baht, 5 meat patties are priced at 539 baht, 10 meat patties will set you back 1,039 baht, and the awe-inspiring a hundred patties price a staggering 10,039 baht.
Several food bloggers determined to take up the Real Meat Burger problem and shared their daring reviews with followers. The well-known promotion platform, Punpromotion, shared that they ordered the burger with 12 patties. After making an attempt, the platform really helpful adding some greens and sauce and performing some train after the heavy meal.
Renowned meals blogger, Believe Me, I Already Ate (เชื่อกู กูแดกมาแล้ว), was one other who took the burger challenge, taking it to a completely totally different level. The adventurous blogger went all-out and ordered the Real Meat Burger with a hundred meat patties which price him 10,039 baht. From the video and pictures posted on Facebook, the blogger required help from the restaurant employees to hold his burger.
The food blogger said…
“You don’t have to go to this excessive like me. I couldn’t finish all of it, however I simply wished to see what it seemed like, and I wished my followers to witness it too. I think the burger with five to 10 patties is the right amount.”
In the remark session, the blogger shared that he made another delicious dish with leftover meat patties. Massive posted a picture of stir-fried holy basil, also called Pad Kaprao, made from meat patties.
Swensen’s Thailand ice cream store also received in on the act, introducing the Real Happy Tuesday ice cream which presents 100 scoops of ice cream with a 50% low cost, three,450 baht from 6,900 baht every Tuesday.
The Real Meat Burger from Burger King Thailand will be available from now till further notice..

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