Lewa expands product range with new sizes

German pump producer Lewa has added to its product vary with two new pump sizes in its Ecosmart diaphragm metering pump range to be used in purposes with higher move rates to be used within the chemical industry and industrial wastewater treatment.
LEWA Ecosmart LCC3 on the test stand – LEWA GmbH.
In เกจวัดแรงดัน4นิ้วราคา to the LCA model, the Ecosmart will also be available in the extra highly effective LCC and LCD variations in the future. While the LCC model can meter up to 1,000 l/h, Lewa has designed the LCD for a flow price of as a lot as 2,000 l/h.
The use of similar components inside the Ecosmart product family retains manufacturing prices low. At the same time, a high level of safety may be guaranteed by specializing in all important design features such as the pressure reduction valve or the proven sandwich diaphragm with continuous monitoring.
In order to have the flexibility to provide the Ecosmart for purposes with higher circulate charges, the engineers at Lewa began creating two additional, bigger pump variants in 2019. The aim was to scale up the Ecosmart to larger purposes while retaining the security levels and top quality Lewa components with out considerably growing investment prices.
Among the adjustments were larger plunger diameters which have been chosen for the smaller LCC variant, so that up to 1,000 l per hour may be conveyed instead of 300 l per hour. In the case of the more powerful LCD model, engineers decided to increase the stroke size so that a most flow price of 2,000 l per hour might be achieved. Both pump varieties can work in opposition to a maximum operating stress of 50 bar.
After profitable completion of all tests and final adjustments, the Ecosmart version LCC is now available on the market, the LCD mannequin will observe in mid-2022.

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