How internet-addicted are Thais? A new report finds out.

You guessed right, Thais are extra internet-addicted than the average individual all over the world. A report by an analyst group known as DataReportal discovered that in 2021, Thais spent an average of 9 hours and 6 minutes a day on the web. The global average was nearly seven hours per day. Out of that time, an average of five hours and 28 minutes is on a phone. The common Thai spends two hours and fifty nine minutes on social media every day, in comparability with the global average of two hours and 27 minutes.
In Thailand, fifty four.5 million folks reported using the web in any respect in January 2022. That’s 77.8% of the country’s inhabitants. The prime purpose for using the internet in Thailand is discovering info. Even though the United Nations now calls web entry a “basic human right,” there are still some big challenges in serving to certain populations around the world get entry. This is especially true of growing international locations just like the Central African Republic, where only one in seven people have electricity.
Across the globe, people are spending increasingly time on-line per day, and the daily average has increased 4 minutes per day over the past yr. Whopping predicts that the whole world will spend 12 and a half trillion hours online in 2022..

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