Hospital in Bangkok interrupts funeral, says they by chance gave the incorrect corpse

Staff from a hospital in Bangkok interrupted a funeral right earlier than the cremation ceremony to inform the household that they’d by accident given them the wrong corpse.
After discovering that the incorrect corpse had been given away, staff from the Siriraj Hospital in Bangkok shortly went to the ceremony and informed the household “the corpses were switched!”

The husband of the 55 year previous woman who had died from most cancers whereas infected with Covid-19 says he picked up his wife’s physique from the Siriraj Hospital. The physique was in a sealed bag and there was no identify tag. He says he asked officers to verify his wife’s body was within the bag, and so they confirmed.
For Buddhist funeral ceremonies, monks sometimes chant for 3 to seven days, however since the pandemic, many have shortened the ceremonies to only at some point for the cremation ceremony. Under Covid-19 prevention measures, hospitals ship the our bodies of those that died while contaminated with the virus to cremation ceremonies and families are informed not to open the sealed physique bag to forestall the spread of the disease.
The husband advised Thai media that the hospital workers realised their mistake after they couldn’t find the corpse for an additional family. Since he lost his trust within the hospital, he asked employees to open the bag so he may affirm that he had been given his wife’s physique.
โซล่าเซลล์ issued a letter apologising for their mistake, including that the hospital will investigate and stop comparable incidents from occurring sooner or later..

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