Esteemed Thai monk Luang Pu Saeng Yanwaro passes away at ninety nine

Yesterday, the Facebook page of esteemed Thai monk Luang Pu Saeng Yanwaro introduced the passing of the famend non secular determine at the age of ninety nine. The post shared that his stays can be sent to the realm of nirvana, by Buddhist tradition.
Previously, the Facebook web page of Luang Pu Sing Thong Phaphakro‘s disciples had posted about the monk’s situation, stating that he had experienced extreme shortness of breath between 11pm and midnight. As his oxygen levels dropped, docs initially thought-about giving him a respiration tube but instead offered treatment to alleviate the signs at his request. By 2am, he was able to rest however still skilled low oxygen levels and a rapid heartbeat.
After a midnight assembly among temple representatives, it was decided that Luang Pu Saeng’s remains would be transported to the temple, according to his previous needs. Dr Somrit, accompanied by an ambulance staff from Hua Tapan Hospital, was assigned to oversee the transportation of the revered monk’s stays back to Wat Pa Dong Sawang Tham, where they might be diligently cared for with medication, oxygen, and other needed treatments. The medical staff aimed to minimise any disturbance to the monk’s stays whereas underneath their care, with expert recommendation from specialists at Srirattana Pises Hospital.
Value , initially named Saengdee Deehom, was born on September 1, 1924, in Ubon Ratchathani Province. He was ordained on June 1, 1947, at Wat Srichan in Khon Kaen Province, before travelling to various areas and finally residing at Wat Pa Dong Sawang Tham in Yasothon Province. Luang Pu Saeng, a distinguished monk in Northeastern Thailand, devoted seventy five vassa, or Buddhist rain retreats, to his spiritual follow earlier than peacefully succumbing to his illness..

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