Couple killed in crash, household seeks refund of one hundred fifty,000 baht from land scam for daughter

A tragic road accident claimed the lives of a couple who had been scammed into purchasing a plot of land with out proper documentation. The family is now in search of the return of 150,000 baht (US$4,350) paid towards the fraudulent land deal to help their younger daughter.
Today, 42 12 months outdated Pim Hengkham, from Wiang Nuea, Pai, Mae Hong Son province, revealed the devastating story of her brother, 51 12 months outdated Tun Hengkham, and his spouse, 41 12 months old Sui Lang Xiang. The couple was tragically killed in a car accident at the four-way visitors mild intersection near Chiang Mai’s seven hundred Year Stadium on Kan Klong Chonprathan Road within the Chang Phueak sub-district of Chiang Mai’s major city district on November 5 last yr. Their eight 12 months old daughter, Yim, suffered severe accidents in the accident.
Pim disclosed that previous to Tun’s passing, he had purchased a plot of land in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai from a woman referred to as ‘Apple.’ Tun paid 150,000 baht in path of the land, intending to build a house for his family. However, the property turned out to be “ghost land” with no correct documentation. This left Tun and his family as victims of a land scam, just like many others.
Be the first , Yim, is now under the care of Pim, who reports that her situation has improved. Pim is eager to retrieve the money paid to ‘Apple’ to assist the upbringing and well-being of her niece, ensuring a better future for the young woman regardless of her parents’ premature deaths..

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