Cheating husband shot and stabbed by spouse as he tries to vote with mistress

A Thai woman shot and stabbed her cheating husband after seeing him vote with his mistress in the course of the General Election yesterday at a polling station in Samut Prakarn province close to Bangkok. The mistress managed to flee along with her life.
CCTV footage captured the electrifying drama yesterday afternoon. Plain shows a pickup truck transferring rapidly down the primary road and crashing into an electric pole. A girl in a purple shirt in the back of the pickup fires several photographs on the rear window aiming to kill her pickup driver husband.
The mistress is seen escaping from the vehicle’s passenger seat and fleeing the scene on the again of a motorcycle taxi. The pickup driver falls out of the cab onto the road. He tries to flee from his gunwoman spouse but she’s seen on high of him thrusting a knife into him a quantity of times earlier than witnesses intervene and stop her.
A rescue team and the officers from Samrong Nue Police Station rushed to the scene and instantly sent the injured man to Samut Prakarn Hospital.
The attacker was recognized as 61 12 months outdated Samorn, the legal wife of the 63 yr old sufferer. Samorn admitted guilt to her criminal activities, adding that the assault was motivated by her husband’s affairs with many mistresses. She didn’t mean to kill him, she stated she just needed to hurt him to stop his womanising ways but added she didn’t care if her husband died from the accidents she inflicted on him.
The couple met and married in 1982 and their youngsters at the moment are adults. Samorn mentioned her husband always cheated on her and had secret relationships with many women. He additionally bought their vehicles and belongings to care for the mistresses.
Despite living individually since 2019, Samorn said her husband wouldn’t comply with divorce her. She learned that the husband would take the mistress to vote at a polling station in the area and decided to journey to Bangkok to confront him. When her husband refused to cease the automobile, Samorn jumped onto the pickup and shot him with a .38 pistol that belonged to him.
According to Section 289 of the Criminal Law, Samorn has been charged with intentional murder, which could lead to life imprisonment or imprisonment for 15 to twenty years. Additionally, she has been charged with violating the Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, Fireworks, and Imitation Firearms Act..

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